Weekly Newsletter 11th July 2019

Dear Players,
Thank you so much for all of your good work at the concert, and to all those who attended the AGM.
Here is some news for the week:

- Thure has completed all of the accounts now and we were able to give
£1753.64 to the ITAC charity to help homeless people. The orchestra
also made a small profit of £66.08 from the rehearsal dinner for the
players. At the end of this term we are now healthily solvent, with a
bank balance of £324.32.

- We learned at the AGM that St Paul's Church will not be available for rehearsals from January to March, so the committee will be thinking about an alternative location in the coming months. 


- Liz Huelin (flute) is keen to find someone who can help with publicity. Please reply to this email if you would like to help. 

- Here is the list of pieces for Sunday's rehearsal:
- Please can players reply to this email to let me know if they always print their own music? That will just save a bit of printing, and the environmental cost that goes with that. Thanks!

Also, below is a thank you letter from Alasdair who compered the
concert last Saturday.

Kind regards,

The MRCO Committee

Dear all

Thank you to everyone for all the hard work you put in to make last
night’s concert such a success.  It really struck me just how much
preparation had gone into ensuring everything would run smoothly, as
it thankfully did.

I so enjoyed the evening - it was lovely to be part of such a
heart-warming community event and to see such a range of age groups
enjoying the magic of making music together. These things can only
happen because people like yourselves do the ground-work in advance.

Thank you - it’s hugely appreciated.

Very best wishes