Posts from year 2020

Newsletter 2nd February

From Teresa: I am still 'blown away' by the audience that came to listen to us on Friday!  Some enormous thank yous:


If you have questions about the concert logistics, please look at this page before emailing. If we have had that question before then the answer should be here. Thanks!

Open questions

A lot of questions about concert logistics come to Jen Deegan in reply to the newsletters going out, and she often does not know the answers to them.

Newsletter 12th January


Music for rehearsal and concert.

Violin courses for adults


In conjunction with the Mawson Road Community Orchestra
February 2020

Rehearsals suspended

At the rehearsal on Sunday 15th March, we realised that we really had no option but to suspend rehearsals for the time being until the situation with the Corona virus is more stable. So for now all rehearsals are cancelled. 

Update for 4th October 2020

Groups of us have been meeting to play outdoors but now that winter is coming, we have been able to book St Paul’s on Sundays from 3.30pm to 8pm so groups can meet there if they like. We will have to follow strict guidelines.